Winter Camp at AVES


As part of the State’s requirement that school districts offer 30 supplemental days of instruction in order to qualify for the ELOP funding, AVUSD tasked Charlotte Triplett to work her magic for Winter Camp!  Students attending the four-day session enjoyed winter-themed academics, gingerbread making, soccer camp, science and math activities, and much more!  The free camps offered additional after care at no charge to the families.
Last summer, the district offered a six week summer school program but attendance waned in the last two weeks as families traveled for summer vacation. This year, the District is experimenting, under Charlotte’s creative leadership, with five Saturday camp schools and the four-day holiday camp.

A huge thank you to the staff and volunteers who worked hard to make this happen for kids! In addition to Charlotte Triplett, Winter Camp staff included Belma Rhoades, Tere Malfavon, Joanna Magana, Erika Damian, Monica Alvarez, Lucia Soto, Deleh Mayne, Cora Hubbert, Nate Hill, Gwen Brock, Yareli Malfavon, and  volunteering Jr./Sr.  High school students Brianna Gomez and high school soccer player Randal Ferreya.
Wishing you a happy holiday!
Sincerely yours,

Louise Simson