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CalTrans Clean California

Anderson Valley Track to Health and Fitness (AVTHF) will provide beautification, enhancement and expansive community fitness opportunities at the present site of 18200 Mountain View Road in Boonville, California. The project centerpiece is a state-of-the-art, all-weather running track and soccer/football field with a rubberized, artificial running surface for track and field athletics, as well as exercise for the whole community. The new track and field will provide a consistent surface unencumbered by adverse weather conditions. The track will be a venue for safe and equitable sporting events for high poverty youth at Anderson Valley Junior Senior High School, accessible for independent soccer league participation, a location for fitness charity/tournament events, and most importantly a place for all residents to achieve their individual wellness and recreation goals, since there are no gyms or workout facilities within a 20-mile radius. The all-weather track will be available before and after school hours including 100% during weekends and summer months.
The plans entered Division of State Architect for Approval on April 19!  We will keep you posted!