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Welcome and About Us

A Message from Anderson Valley Elementary School

Welcome to Anderson Valley Elementary School, home of the Panther Cubs! Our school colors are brown and gold but we find ways to integrate all colors of the rainbow into our school celebrations.

Anderson Valley Elementary School creates a community of students, staff, and families that appreciates and celebrates diversity. We believe our students deserve equal access to rigorous academic programs and enriching opportunities. We utilize a variety of teaching and learning strategies adapted to the unique needs of our students. In addition to academic achievement, we strive to foster a student’s sense of self and create opportunities for positive interactions with all members of the community. We are very proud of our connections to the community, our bilingual services for all families and our high level of parent/family involvement. Every year we have almost 100% participation in our Parent-Teacher Conferences!

Family support is crucial to the success of student learning! You can help us with the education of your children by doing the following:

  • Encourage your children to read books, magazines or comic books, in both English and Spanish. Read to your children in your home language, who are not old enough to read well on their own.
  • Limit the time that your children watch television, play video games and/or the use of technology.
  • Make sure that your children do their homework.
  • Make sure that your children get a good night of rest and they eat a good breakfast.
  • Help your children develop good hygiene skills. Children that are clean and well dressed feel better about themselves.
  • Help your children to respect other people by teaching them to be polite and nonviolent.
  • Teach your children to be honest and helpful.

With your assistance we will be able to help your children become very successful students.