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Transportation Rules and Expectations

Transportation is a privilege and may be suspended or revoked.

All school rules apply while riding in any school vehicle or bus. 

All passengers must abide by the bus driver’s rules.

Transportation violations will result in a citation from the transportation department.

Student must:

  • Wear a seatbelt.
  • Be seated with legs or feet in designated area, NOT in the aisle
  • Stay seated at all times while the bus is moving
  • Maintain quiet voices
  • Avoid having food and/or drinks on the bus
  • Keep hands inside the bus, no hands out the windows nor shouting out the windows
  • Avoid writing in or on bus, or damaging bus in any way
  • Keep your hands to yourself at all times
  • Remove any trash being left behind
  • Avoid the use of ANY fragrance ( body spray, lotion, etc.)
  • Avoid the use of illegal substances


  • FIRST CITATION - Principal will contact parent or guardian
  • 2nd CITATION - Bus privilege will be suspended.  Length of suspension will be determined by the principal in consultation with the driver.
  • 3rd CITATION - Long-term or permanent suspension of ridership